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Smoke Detector Installation in North Melbourne, VIC

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Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke alarms are a necessary obligation for any house, office or factory building. At Eccles Electrical Contractors, we specialise in the installation of smoke detectors in each and every room of your house or commercial building.

Our team of skilled electricians strives to ensure the safety and protection of your family with prompt and efficient service. After installing your smoke detector, we perform a test to ensure the system is fully functional and that it meets all legal obligations.

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Importance Of Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector can make a major difference in reducing injuries and casualties during a fire as it maximises escape time. In fact, research shows that fire spreads more rapidly today because we own more electrical appliances and furniture within our houses.

A set of well placed and installed smoke detectors are life savers and spare you the horror of seeing your property and belongings turn into ashes. The services of recognised electricians for the installation of your smoke detectors is your first step towards safety. Contact Eccles Electrical Contractors.

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